KLD-V3 Precision automatic screw feeder,screw dispenser, Screw arrange machine with counting function,screw counter

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  • Item Type: Nut & Bolt Sets
  • Brand Name: YunlinLi
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Model Number: KLD-V3

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KLD-V3 Precision automatic screw feeder, screw dispenser, Screw arrangement machine with counting function,screw counter
Note: this screw machine is suitable for screw length is less than 10 mm, M1.5 - M4 without gasket.
Picture showing:
Screw machine generic names:
In the screw machine industry also called screw machine, screw arrangement machine, screw feeder, etc.
Mainly to simplify the workers in the process of traditional screw lock pay process operation process, reduce the labor intensity of workers and development design.
Main function is to screw lined up sent to the specified location, directly by the email operator of picking, simplify the traditional lock pay action, improve production efficiency.
Widely used in electronic industry, compared with the traditional screw plate, extract each screw can save 1.4 seconds, so the production efficiency can be improved by 4 times.
Automatic screw supply machine features:
1,the widest range of usage.
Length can be made of M0.8 to M5 (
2,can use special screws.
Can use ordinary screw, flat head screws with washers screw, tapping screw and so on many kinds of screws, consult the seller don\'t understand.
3,orbit size can be adjusted.
Orbital size adjustment easy, cooperate with screw size, whether in cm or inch specifications, are able to operate freely.
4,to reduce inventory cost reduction.
A machine can adjust out of a variety of specifications using screw, the user can reduce the cost of equipment procurement.
5,size adjustable vibration.
Seismic distance is small, strong vibration, screw arrived at the front end point, not running forward and obvious effect to the speed of the screw and the production speed.
6,the humanized management for projects to be more.
Send material and the driving mode of vibration independence, are free to set the ideal stop time, will not cause mutual interference and influence the normal function.Screw roller rolling blanking you then, arriving at the front of the vibration time, screw speed in orbit, performed with single-chip microcomputer control, time to cooperate with production line homework.Machine adopts 110-240 - v AC voltage input, dc 12 v power supply output voltage stability, provide the correct voltage, makes the machine can be used anywhere in the world and it works, will not be affected by the input voltage is too high or low.
Automatic screw supply machine parameters:
1, the product model: KLD - V3
2, exterior size: 125 w h * 180 * 150 DMM
3, net weight: 3.25 kg
4, communication power supply: AC 110-240v.
5, screw length range: less than or equal to 20 mm
6, orbital adjustable range: 0.8 MM to 5.0 MM
7, thread shape: M, tapping screw
Basic characteristics as follows:
Screw machine
1,Screw mixer extraction, as long as the number of nozzle tip into the batch of nozzle guide, sliding down guide, pull and then put the screw in the direction of the user.
2,Compared with the traditional screw plate, extract can save 1.4 seconds each screw, so the production efficiency can be improved by 4 times.
3,Easy to operate, it is also can learn operation method in real time.
4,Widely used in various types, different length and shape of the screw head.(the length is basically less than 20 mm)
Small pieces form, an operator can be operated at the same time some of the screw conveyor.
Note:Other type of this kind machine for optional


  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 3.5kg (7.72lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 25cm x 28cm (9.84in x 9.84in x 11.02in)

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